Paula Moldenhauer
Learning from a Native American

Interacting in the writing world gives me the opportunity to meet many amazing people. Darrel, who was raised on the Red Lake Reservation, taught me a lot as he shared his story with me. I know you’ll learn from him, too.

Identifying with Those Who Suffer

God’s heart is full of joy and beauty, but He also grieves the suffering of humanity. How can we enter more fully into God’s heart and help our family develop compassion for those who suffer?

Trust God with Your Heart Care

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want . . . but they give you what you need just the same.

A Journey to Racial Oneness: Abi’s Story

The story of how two people who loved each other overcame racial challenges to form the family they dreamed of.

Beyond Lacy Hearts

Valentine’s Day thoughts from my family to yours.

Traditions that Bring Christ Home

A two-part article where several authors, grandmothers, and moms share ways to keep Christ in Christmas.


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