Paula Moldenhauer

Take a deep breath. Inhale slowly. Release.

Just breathe.

What keeps you from breathing freely? Living freely? Dreaming freely?

You’re free to flourish, free to live beyond what you’ve dared to dream.


To love and be loved. To embrace life’s moments of beauty. 

Free to become all you were created to be. To do all you were created to do.

Free to be your most authentic you.

What if God Himself offers freedom? What if His Spirit constantly calls us forward in expansive liberty? What if His heart longs for us to be released into the breathless discovery of His most authentic Self, of our most authentic selves, and of the wonder of a world created to bless us with unfathomable joy?

This is the year of my 50th birthday, and more than ever the stirring within cries for freedom. I’m continually breaking out of what hems me in. What about you? Feel that longing inside? Wanna live outside the barriers? Where in your life do you long for release into flourishing freedom? To live in fertile soil where life is full of vigorous, abundant growth?

My work-in-progress is really a culmination of my life’s work: freedom. My flagship speaking topic and the book I am currently writing is, “Free to Flourish.”

As I look back over my years as an author this freedom message can be found in every presentation of my heart, whether on a stage, in a book, or in a magazine article. As humans we are passionate about the places of our deepest struggle. My journey to freedom is hard-earned. Arduous even. And like the rest of humanity I am in progress, often molting, shedding old skins that are too confining so I can step more fully into freedom to become my most authentic me. As I embrace the joy of this discovery, I long to bring you along with me so we can flourish together.

I’d love to share about this more fully. To book me as a speaker for your event click on the contact page. Schedule the topic mentioned above or chat with me about how to tailor a presentation most suited for the needs of your audience. What to know more of who I am? Browse the other fun stuff under my about buttonmeet my family, and  my faith journey. I believe in the integrity of honest relationship, and you’ll get a good sense of who I am through these links.

I’d like to know you better, too. My blog is the best place for us to connect, and I would love interacting with you there. Because breaking free to a healthier body and more adventurous spirit is part of my journey my blog often talks about dropping weight–physical and mental. Part of my story is also that I’ve spent the last 24+ years raising four children, all of which were homeschooled. My blog also shares my passion for family, marriage, and friendship. I’m all about relationship and learning to interact in increasingly authentic, free, and loving ways.

I’m excited to tell you about my books, so check them out, but I also hope this website also becomes a place you return to for snippets of refreshing or reflection. For several years I poured my heart into short devotionals called Soul Scents. Several of them are compiled here by theme in hopes you linger a while and breathe in the fragrance of God’s love and freedom. Also represented on this site are the many years I spent writing to encourage moms like me. I hope you moms out there glean freedom from the articles I’ve shared on parenting and homeschooling.

Thank you for visiting. I’m honored you took the time. 


Paula Moldenhauer