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Living free to flourish includes discovering who Jesus really is and who we really are. Evil weaves some pretty nasty webs of deception, and it is easy to feel beaten down. After all the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy, but Jesus came to give us abundant life (John 10:10). Most of us are healing from a wound or two. For some of us our journey is to find our way out of abuse and its effect on our life.

I didn’t always feel free to pursue the fullness of an abundant life. Even when the desire rose, the how-to was missing. There are still days I wonder how to get my flourish on, but I’ve learned some things along the way. Our sweet Jesus is all about setting His people free and is committed to helping us become all He created us to be. He draws us by His love and heals us of  hindrances to our growing intimacy with Him.  As we listen and follow, He leads us forward into a lifestyle where we are free to flourish.

As an author and speaker, I invite others to live free to flourish in their relationship with God, self, and others. As we embrace this flourishing freedom, it shines in all parts of our lives, including the pursuit of our passions and callings! 

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Many authors write in a specific genre like suspense or romance or devotionals. I write and speak to convey a specific passion, not a genre, so while you’ll find multiple genres in my writing, you’ll always find inspiration to embrace the freedom to flourish. As a speaker and author, I want to create a safe place where you and I can grow together in Jesus, setting aside the lies and wounds that once held us back. I believe you’ll find that if you invite me to speak, pick up one of my books, or read the articles on this site. (If you’re overcoming lies that hold you down, I recommend Soul Scents: Flourish to help you get your flourish on. In it I write about the journey out of abuse and into flourishing freedom.)

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“Paula Moldenhauer is the genuine article. From the moment she welcomed us into the room I recognized that spark that only ignites from a heart truly surrendered to God. She speaks from her soul and yields to God’s leading. She’s the friend you want in the room when reality sets in and the truth cuts deep. She offers a safe place to fall, to be understood, and a strong hand to help you up when rising again. She knows the Keeper of your dreams and she reminds you that, though the journey is hard, there is nothing more grand than our love story with Him.”                                                   Mirachelle Canada, CCWC18 attendee

To schedule me as the speaker for your next event, contact me via this form. There are multiple topics on my speaker page. My favorite events are women’s retreats and conferences where we have multiple sessions to explore the amazing new life Jesus brings. It isn’t only about a ticket to heaven, it’s about stepping into the Kingdom of Light now so we can embrace the wonders Jesus has prepared for us to access in our every-day lives. 

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Free to Flourish loves offering *free* resources for personal or group study.  Easter and Advent devotional collections are available as downloadable PDFs. All of the Soul Scents devotional books have free coloring pages and companion journal. (Except Soul Scents: Flourish. We’re working on that companion journal, so check back for it!)


The Soul Scents devotional series shines a light into the darkness that tries to hold us captive and invites readers into ever-increasing intimacy with our Creator. All four devotional books, Soul Scents: AwakenSoul Scents: RootedSoul Scents: Bloom and Soul Scents Flourish are available now in paperback and electronic versions.

The characters in my fictions works are also discovering flourishing freedom as they fall in love and unravel mysteries. Check out fiction choices here. 

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Paula Moldenhauer