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Looking for more mom to mom encouragement? Read this article for more information on some archived articles.

Family Current Newsletter

Looking for a great resource to encourage you as you seek to parent well? How about something that gives you tools to tackle the tough topics you face as the parent of an elementary school student? These newsletters are a great resource for ANY parent.

What to Do When You Have Nothing Left To Give

We’ve all felt it, that over-the-top, can’t handle one more thing, have nothing left to give feeling. Here are just a few of my thoughts for “those days.”


There’s nothing like the trenches of being with your kids 24/7 to bring out all that stuff we want to keep covered up. Here’s a bit of my journey of being unmasked—and how God healed me even as He undid me.

Thankful for Togetherness

Ever have a little too much together time? Think summer break if your kids are in school, stay-at-home mom seasons, homeschooling . . . times when you want to see Norman Rockwell moments and instead it’s like watching a bad cartoon with big green monsters. I originally wrote this article for homeschooling moms, but the content really belongs to any parent who’s had a day when they could do with a little less of those they love the best.

Tips for the Struggling Young Reader

A great reader myself I began reading to my children before they could talk. I did everything the books said I should do to bring-up a strong reader. Imagine my shock and pain when little happened like the books said. I had some struggling readers. The tips in this article give you a few more tools for your toolbox as you help your child for whom reading doesn’t come naturally.

A Gift for the Homeschool Mom

One of my personal favorites—a story about the beauty of God’s grace, a perfect gift for the holidays.

The Family Read-Aloud

I’m a firm believer in the value of reading great books to our kids. Here’s some reasons why and how to make it a successful, nurturing time at your house.

The Guilt of a Homeschool Mom

Evidently I’m not the only one who struggles with mom guilt because the year I wrote this article it was the #1 most often read article on’s homeschool channel. I hope this article helps you move from the pain of guilt, to becoming a guilt-free mom!

The Key Ingredient for Thanksgiving

This key ingredient can’t be peeled or mashed, nor can it be stuffed or baked. It goes beyond the skin and right to the heart. Hope you’re blessed by this article about one of my favorite holidays.

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