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A Bouquet of Brides ~ A bouquet of brides is picked for love.

Meet seven American women who were named for various flowers but struggle to bloom where God planted them. Can love help them grow to their full potential?

Paula’s story, At Home with Daffodils, is included in this collection released from Barbour Publishing. The book is available at your favorite retail stores or on-line.

What reviewers are saying:

Such an interesting group of stories of strong forward thinking women, seven to be exact, finding love when least expected.A Bouquet of Brides Collection has a story for everyone, especially if you like flowers, love and honorable men. The women in these stories are waiting for the right person to come along and help them to bloom into the lovelies that God created them to be. So much adventure, heartache, forgiveness, love, humor and hope scattered throughout the pages. The authors: Mary Davis (Holly and Ivy), Kathleen E. Kovach (Periwinkle in the Park), Paula Moldenhauer (At Home with Daffodils), Susan Norquist (A Song for Rose), Donita Kathleen Paul (The Beauty of Tansy), Donna Schlachter (A Prickly Affair), and Peggy Thomas (In Sheep’s Clothing), did a marvelous job!

A very enjoyable read!!!This novella collection spans from colonial times to the early 1900s. Every heroine has a flower name. Every hero has to win his flower. The backdrop of each story is very different. But the basic dilemma remains the same—finding love and declaring it amidst what appears to the characters to be insurmountable odds. Nice historical research and characters to root for.



A Packaged Deal ~ Snuggle next to a fireplace in Towering Pines, the Colorado ski town where friendship is served up in hearty helpings and love is as true as the cobalt blue sky.

A Packaged Deal is book one in the Towering Pines series. Watch for Rattled, coming spring of 2018!

When Olympic hopeful Aspen Carlisle gave up her ski-racing dreams to raise her orphaned siblings, she found out the hard way that men aren’t interested in a “packaged deal.” Thrust into a stiff learning curve on motherhood, Aspen discovers the love and support of her friends in Towering Pines, but when the handsome new resort manager Stephen Wallace shows kindness to her little family, can she drop her guard long enough to allow him into that trusted circle—and her heart?

As Aspen struggles to believe in him, Stephen battles ghosts of his own. Time with Aspen and her family causes old issues to bubble to the surface. Does he have what it takes to push through the fear and regret, or will he stay stuck in the pain of the past? If he can believe in himself enough to become the husband and father they need, he’ll discover how wonderful a packaged deal can be.

What reviewers are saying:

I loved it from beginning to end.

“A Packaged Deal” pulled me in from the very beginning. After the untimely death of her parents, Aspen is forced to care for her teenage sister and six-year-old brother. She considers any personal romance off limits, thinking no man would want to take on a whole family. Stephen, general manager of Towering Pines ski resort, is drawn to Aspen and her family. But the course of true love never does run smooth. Paula Moldenhauer, once again, writes a powerful holiday romance absolutely worth the read.

Best book I have read in a long while!


Usher in the holidays with the tender, fun-filled tales in the Tinseled Tidings novella collection.

Get all three in paperback, or buy each novella separately for Kindle:

What reviewers are saying about the Tinseled Tidings collection:

I loved the whole series and highly recommend buying them all and reading them one right after the other. Paula Moldenhauer has a way with words, hearts, story lines, characters, and humor. And she gently reminds readers that in the middle of our hurts there is Hope. I will re-read this series again the same way I watch my favorite holiday movies.

First time I’ve read Paula’s work. It will not be the last. She had me laughing out loud. Even though it was a novella, it seemed like a complete story. It didn’t feel like there were holes left in here. Can’t wait to get another one. Really enjoyed the characters. I even signed up for her newsletter, which I don’t normally do! You won’t be disappointed.

A quick read, great story, couldn’t put the book down and didn’t want it to end. The author had a way of making you feel like you were there with the characters and really had you captivated the whole time…you want just to keep hearing about these characters’ lives.




You’re a Charmer, Mr. Grinch ~ Retired police officer Rick Stanton dons a Grinch costume for the holidays and “patrols” Christmas, Florida to promote the festive town. Everyone falls under his charm except the person he most wants to impress—Postmaster Edie Hathaway. The Grinch is stealing Edie’s heart, but will Edie learn to trust him before he gives up on love? (This story was a finalist in the ACFW Carol Awards for novella of the year!)




The Joy Scrooge ~ Spunky pediatrician Krista Fjeld loved Tait Skroog for most of her life, but when Tait and his young son, Timmy, move back to town, she is shocked by the change in her old heart-throb. Embittered by his wife’s death, Tait is paralyzed by fear and grief. Will Krista convince him to embrace life—and her—or is the risk too great for everyone?





Fruitcake Fallout ~ Family legend claims the Preston fruitcake recipe makes young couples fall in love. But when WAC Evelyn Preston sends a fruitcake to her high school crush stationed overseas, she snags the wrong private! If Willie Baxter tries to clear up the unintentional deception, will Evie give his poor, smitten heart a chance?





Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal


Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal

A secret. A key.

Much was buried when the Titanic went down, but now it’s time for resurrection.

April 1912 – Olive Stanford boarded the Titanic determined to protect all she held dear. Her secret will go with her to the grave—but how can she face the afterlife carrying the burden of her actions?

April 2012 – Portland real estate agent, Ember Keaton-Jones, distrusts men, with good reason. Ever since her great-great-grandfather, Thomas, deserted the family after the fateful sinking of the Titanic, every Keaton male has disappointed. Ember is on the brink of a huge sale when a stranger shows up with a key to a century-old secret challenging everything she believes. She meets forward-thinking Jeff Dawson who is working in the family’s musty antique shop and finds an unexpected ally in unlocking the mystery of her past. But can they undo the legacy of Thomas Keaton’s betrayal?

Carefully researched, this engaging tale includes true stories of the Titanic embedded in historical fiction.

Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal is co-authored by Kathleen E. Kovach and Paula Moldenhauer.

Praise for Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal:

Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal moves along at a nice clip, full of intrigue and mystery. . . Thankfully, this novel does not insult our intelligence, but carries the reader along on an exciting ride through the intricacies of past and present, revealing depravity, nobility, courage, and cowardice, but without illusions of grandeur. In this work we see the simple realities of the human heart. Thank you for this delightful read!

Another Titanic story? We are being inundated. But a friend recommended the book and I love reading on my Nook, so I took a chance. I am so glad I did. This story happens in April, 2012 with intelligent, well-written flashbacks to April, 1912 when the Titanic sank. . . . Both tales were riveting. . . I squirmed as the characters made one selfish decision after another. The old deeds went on to affect generations of one family. To see how far-reaching our actions can be is definitely something that people should be aware of. The truth of this maxui is not pounded forth with a didactic sledgehammer. Rather the authors allow the events in the plot line expose the consequences. This is a great read. Take time to enjoy the story as well as a time of reflection on the loss of so many brave souls.

I was totally captivated! The writing was so descriptive that I felt I was living the story. I was anxious to have the story resolved but yet I did not want it to end.