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I Am (2)

Jesus called Himself a bunch of names. By renaming Himself with metaphors like “Bread” or “Light,” He revealed His personality and character. A follow up to “I Am,” this set of devotionals not only explores some of  the claims Jesus made about who He is, …

I Am

When Moses, a powerful leader of the Jewish people, asked God His name, God responded, “I Am.” Later, Jesus made the Jews angry by using that same phrase, “I Am” to declare His deity. What does God mean when He names Himself, “I Am?” These …

Celebrating Grace

This little set of devotionals begins with the advent season, celebrating the incarnation and carries on into deeper thoughts about the grace that sets us free. Oh! How I love His grace.


Ever feel inadequate, afraid, unsure of your next step? The world tells you to try harder—or at least to work smarter. While there’s a measure of truth in this advice, it totally misses the best answer to these struggles. I’m learning it’s not so much about what I do, but Whose I am. As I lean into Jesus, His Holy Spirit empowers me, propelling me forward in ways I never dreamed possible.


I love the old hymn, “Deeper, Deeper” written in 1900 by Charles P. Jones. I sang it often as a child in the little country church where I was raised. As an adult I found all kinds of new meaning in its words. These devotionals tie the hymn to John 15. Come with me—deeper into the depths of relationship with Jesus.

Mind Makeover

I admit it. I often need a mind makeover. Lies slip into my supposedly intelligent thoughts and plow me down. I don’t think like God thinks. It’s shocking how much stronger I am when I understand how He views me and my life. I wonder if you’ve ever bought into the lies that tend to take me out?

It Is Very Good!

Let’s face it. Life often knocks us around. The grim of life turns our world a filmy gray. But when God created the world He called it good. Joy bursts into our discouragement in the bright yellow of a daffodil, the smell of a marshmallow toasting over a campfire, the crash of ocean waves. Pause a moment and reflect with me upon life’s beauty.

God’s Provision

Spending most of our child-rearing days with me at home has not always been easy from a financial standpoint. Sometimes it’s excruciating! But the Lord has provided over and over. We don’t get everything we want. Sometimes we do without. Scripture says He supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory. It’s talking about spiritual riches, but He also knows we need the basics, food on the table and shelter from the elements, etc. The great thing about God is He also delights in giving us gifts for our hearts. I’ve not perfected trusting Him in the really hard crunch of financial stress, but I often return to these stories, touch-stones of His Provision, and my faith expands once again.

Jesus Our Lover

Scripture calls Jesus the Groom and us His bride. Exploring this concept has given me greater ability to grow in love and intimacy with my Savior. For many of us this idea is a new concept, but take a breath and give it a chance and watch your heart unfold toward His. (If you enjoy this devotional series you may also want to visit my blog and click on the on-going series I’ve written as I’ve studied the Song of Solomon.

God’s Parent Heart

They say our perception of God is related to how we see our fathers. If our dad was absent, God often feels absent. If he was unkind or controlling, we have a hard time believing God is different. The lucky ones whose dad loved well and was always on their side often have an easier time of it. But Who is God really, as a Parent? What can we learn about His heart as we explore this idea?

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