Paula Moldenhauer
Trust God with Your Heart Care

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want . . . but they give you what you need just the same.


As a young mom I put a lot of pressure on myself.

A Mother’s Journey Through Learning Disabilities: Denial to Healing

Anna Buck, who now helps kids overcome learning disabilities, shares her own story to finding answers that really worked for her daughter.

Traditions that Bring Christ Home

A two-part article where several authors, grandmothers, and moms share ways to keep Christ in Christmas.

Young Readers and the Allure of Fantasy – Part I & II

What is it about fantasy that draws our youth en masse. Though-provoking interviews with authors who seek to offer take-away value for the kids who read their fantasy books.

The Adventure of Raising Boys

What’s a mom of boys to do?

Raising More Than Cookie Cutter Kids

When the kids were little I prayed they wouldn’t be pew warmer, cookie-cutter Christians. I wanted them to live a passionate adventure of faith, not a safe, institutional religion. Little did I know there would be times I wished they’d just “fit in” a little more . . .

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